The exhibition was an open call to all artists to respond in any digital format to the theme 'Stack'.

Artists were selected for the exhibition based on their interpretation and artist statement. 

Curated by Sharon Read and Bethany Murray.

Artwork by Warren Shaw

Warren Shaw

Sonic Strata : 2010 - 2014

Duration: 2 min 38 sec


Layered and connected. Moment after moment after moment. Twists and turns. How do we look back? How do we listen to the past? How can we visualise these moments?


Three audio works from the last 4 years, layered and presented as a collected snapshot of creative history as if looking and listening through a cross section of creative strata. Instances merge and history is presented. We embark on new perceptions of previous creative energies establishing links hitherto unknown.

Moving Art #2

Jungle Stack


Allan Greenwell


This is a short abstract animation of three spinning organic shapes stacked over one another. It is based on my digital painting called ‘Jungle’ and uses the 3D animation program Blender. The sound is 'strings-n-bells' from 3.0), used with ERH’s kind permission.

Jereme Crowe - Studio Still life experiment with archived memories.

This is the first film in a new project which combines the visuals of artist Alban Low with the music of modern tango composer and musician Juan María Solare.


''The film is based upon the repetition of designs, the repetition of our lives, the going to work and coming home again, the cycle of our working days. I'm using a simple design and overlaying it with words. I'm taking the subverted vernacular of advertisers and altering them to suit my own sentiments and to suggest new meanings."


Juan Maria Solare was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1966 and has lived in Germany since 1993 as a composer and pianist. Currently he teaches Tango Music at the University of Bremen and Composition and Arrangements at the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen. At the Jacobs University Bremen he conducts the Jacobs Chamber Orchestra, which repertory a stress on classical music.



Nicola Joanne Carter


Eric Adama


Sam Flyn

Sarah Carr


Jenny Core


Robert Moon


Kerry Jones

Brian Korteling

Jill Hedges


Warren Shaw


Alban Low and Juan María Solare


Jereme Crow

Alan Greenwell


Susana Lopez F


Tarot Couzyn

Ruth Boddington


Claire Manning


Susan Plover


Tony Rickaby

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