Ode to Blue

Our first themed exhibition at 1 Horsemarket Kettering inspired by

Eric Adama and Cerulean: Ode to Blue. His online open call to artists across the globe and was announced in August 2012 to take part in his themed web based exhibition. This took part in 5 sections and his inspiration for Ode to Blue was the sub heading of a painting. 


Sharon Read took part in Cerulean: Ode to Blue - Part 1, and saw it as a fitting starting point for Gallery202. With permission from Eric the two projects now co-exist. 


An open call was announced at the beginning of 2013 from Gallery202 for artists to submit their own interpretations of Ode to Blue. Sculpture, painting, poetry, sound, printmaking, textiles and photography were all diciplines that made a great exhibition at 1 Horsemarket in Kettering. 


Thank you to all the artists that took part and thank you to Eric Adama for inspiring our show.

Gallery202 is a contemporary artist led non-profit initiative based in Northamptonshire. We aim to bring contemporary art to rural and urban communities through exhibitions and artist involvement with the public. The initial start up of Gallery202 was funded by Social Enterprise from the University of Northampton.


Gallery202 is Sharon Read, Graham Keddie, Jill Hedges, Bethany Murray, Billy Hawes and Warren Shaw.


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