Traditionally the word 'fallow' has related to agriculture; when the land has been harvested of all crops and left for a year for a period of regrowth and re-nourishment, the land has been left to lie fallow. During such fallowness, though lying still and untouched, the land becomes nurtured. Fallow describes that period of time between impoverished and enriched, between abandonment and rebirth, therefore time is a key element when defining 'fallow'.


For our second bi-monthly, online exhibition we asked artists to send us their response to the word 'fallow', this exhibition was challenging, evoked some interesting discussion and profound, philosophical thought.

Fallow, Susan Plover, 2014.

Gallery202 is a contemporary artist led non-profit initiative based in Northamptonshire. We aim to bring contemporary art to rural and urban communities through exhibitions and artist involvement with the public. The initial start up of Gallery202 was funded by Social Enterprise from the University of Northampton.


Gallery202 is Sharon Read, Graham Keddie, Jill Hedges, Bethany Murray, Billy Hawes and Warren Shaw.


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