Call for submissions

Salvage. Restore. Repair

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We invite to you participate in the selected call for submissions for our next bi-monthly

exhibition. All artists are invited to submit for a digital-based exhibition. This means that

works are submitted electronically and therefore can include aspects of most practices.


The deadline for submissions is 01/12/15.


A maximum of 3 submitted images per applicant along with an outlining piece of text (to be

no longer than 150 words). The text should convey the thinking and philosophy behind the submission and submitted as an attached document.


Images are to be 1000 pixels along the longest edge at a resolution of 300dpi and emailed to with the project title in the subject box – Salvage. Restore. Repair.


If you wish to submit video or sound works these should last for no longer than 3 minutes. Shortened versions of longer works are welcome. Video works can be submitted via Youtube or Vimeo urls only. Sound can be submitted via Soundcloud or in mp3 format with a file size guide of 8MB. Please make sure content supplied via third party websites is available to share and embed.


Selected works will be collated and will form a temporary virtual exhibition on the Gallery202 website. Along with your submission we will include any URL's you send linking your websites, blogs or other forms of social media.


We look forward to receiving your submission.

Team Gallery202



• Deadline 01/12/15

• Up to 3 x images 1000px on longest edge 300dpi

• 150 words supporting text

• Links to video works via Youtube or Vimeo

• Links to sound works via Soundcloud or mp3 file

• Check video and sound links are available to share and embed

• Links to website, blog, social media

• Email to

Gallery202 is a contemporary artist led non-profit initiative based in Northamptonshire. We aim to bring contemporary art to rural and urban communities through exhibitions and artist involvement with the public. The initial start up of Gallery202 was funded by Social Enterprise from the University of Northampton.


Gallery202 is Sharon Read, Graham Keddie, Jill Hedges, Bethany Murray, Billy Hawes and Warren Shaw.


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Gallery202 Open Call: Salvage. Restore. Repair.