A.P.T One Hour

Transsensorial explorations of a place in time

A group exhibition (artists collectively known as A.P.T.) associated talks and workshops curated by Graham Keddie.

Fermyn Woods Water Tower, Brigstock. Sudborough Green Lodges and associated surroundings, Northants.

6, 7 and 8 September 2013 www.aplaceintime.info


Over the weekend of 6-8 September, One Hour, a group exhibition curated by Graham Keddie, brings conceptual and contemporary art out of the confines of the gallery and into the depths of rural Northamptonshire. With notions relating to place and time being a central focus, the starting point for each exhibiting artist was to spend one hour in a specific location and make new work in response to this. Binding the diverse nature of the exhibited works together is the conceptual neatness of their titles.



Each artist has selected their “one hour” according to the 24-hour clock, so that the hours, minutes and seconds, mirror the date in the format of DD/MM/YY. However, no such limiting factors are imposed on the selection of locations, so places such as home, an independent record store, a lake, a foot tunnel and other internal and external environments all come under the creative scrutiny of the exhibiting artists.



Exhibiting A.P.T. artist researchers: Graham Keddie ARBS, Spencer Graham, Susan Bonvin & Andrew Eden, Gary Price-Hunt, Professor Sebastian Blackie, Desmond Brett ARBS, Gail Dickerson, Christina ten Bosch, Tom Hackett, James Steventon, Ben Baal-Bowdler, Stephen Elvidge, Jack Eden, Susan Williams ARBS, Helen Frankland and Michelle Keegan.



Exhibiting Gallery202 artists: Jack Blount, Jill Hedges,  Kim Metcalfe, James Mildenhall, Bethany Murray, Sharon Read, Warren Shaw, Flavia Terzain, Helen Turton and guests Paulina Glimas and Megan Jenkins.



On-site parking available at Fermyn Woods Water Tower.


Saturday 7th September seminar: Artist researchers discussing works: Ben Baal-Bowdler, Desmond Brett ARBS, Christina ten Bosch, Tom Hackett, Susan Williams ARBS, and Graham Keddie, ARBS.


Sunday 8th September: Workshops with Stephen Elvidge: One Hour Draw and Ben Baal-Bowdler improvised sound: Outside Inside Hour.



Supported by: Kettering Borough Council, Cultural Community Partnerships East Northamptonshire, Arts Council England and Fermyn Woods Contemporary Art.


Gallery202 is a contemporary artist led non-profit initiative based in Northamptonshire. We aim to bring contemporary art to rural and urban communities through exhibitions and artist involvement with the public. The initial start up of Gallery202 was funded by Social Enterprise from the University of Northampton.


Gallery202 is Sharon Read, Graham Keddie, Jill Hedges, Bethany Murray, Billy Hawes and Warren Shaw.


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